Blog #7

Back in the days when I was young, i remember playing with my toys and watching tv and then I heard a knock on our front door. There was a package at the door. It was big and had this monitor that looked like a TV, but it had a figured that looked like a keyboard which it was. My grandpa order computer. I was four years old and my mind was blown. I started playing with the mouse at first and then found some card games to play.

The concept was so new to me and I would spin hours on top of hours playing games online. But in my experience using the computer at a young I made many mistakes. One time I got on the internet when my grandma was about to get on the phone and when the internet is dialing the phone shuts off and is out of service. I really don’t know what type of internet it was but I know it was AOL and u had to dial it up. And I was on that PC game for about 4 hours not knowing my grandma needed to be on the phone. The reason why it stick in my mind is because we don’t use a dial up no more and I don’t have to block the line for my grandma to get on the phone. And it was the early days of the internet. 

One of the most important experience I had was in school, in 3rd grade we started having computer time to learn more about a PC, by high school I was going to a school that requires us to purchase a laptop for all our classes. One of my major accomplishment was building a website and training on my own on learning how to type better. And with all that training and playing games on a computer I still learn and don’t know much about the PC and the internet.  My spare time that I have I like to learn how to code and learn more about the computer that I don’t know or read books online or research how to build websites. The impact that PC had and still have in my life is incredible insaning. Made my world bigger and change and made me have a bigger picture on the world. Instead of hearing from word of mouth I can get information on social media. One of the theories we talked in the beginning of the clas was that “we are who we are because of technology” I truly believe that I am who I am because of technology there’s things I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t use technology / PC. The internet is something I use for everything and it’s almost scary how much I use the internet now because it’s my main source of everything I do, even at work. And it’s going to continue being my source as technology improves and advance. 


Blog #6

The article “The Terrifying Truth About New Technology” speaks on so many levels of truth about society we live in because we do live in a very scary moment weather you get with it or you get left behind in the stone ages. Technology is growing rapidly and there’s no stopping this train into the future.  I agree 100% with this article because I see everyday wether it’s at my job or if it’s with my family or friends. Social media communications is replacing in-person communication. Google is replacing going to the library to research something. Life as my parents know it is fading away more than my grandparents can even of thinking what “OMG” even means.

 In the article Piaget called infants Schema and talked about how they experiment on things and figure it out that this don’t go in my mouth or this goes here and they adapt and learn. Older generations sometimes feel as if they don’t have to or don’t want to learn nothing new so they are in fear of technology because it’s taking over they just don’t get it. And that’s okay to a certain point because sooner or later technology will be the only way to go. And those old folks won’t have no other choice. 

I feel as if I’m getting old because I like going to the bank and handing my money I want to save in my savings and the bank teller tells me that I could have either goes to a ATM or an app on my phone. But I feel more comfortable talking to a human being instead of letting technology do all the work. Little do that bank teller know, that piece of technology is about to steal his job and his young soul don’t even know he’s giving his job away just like that. 

My grandparents don’t even have internet at their house and sometimes it make me second guess how long should a stay at their house and use up all my data. I mean I love my grandparents but WiFi is the way to go. My grandpa still have a flip phone and it’s 2017, I thought those was in museums or buried 6 feet under. And I believe this article don’t just aim told older generations My dad still need help with all the functions on a laptop. That’s not because he’s old but because where he’s from (Belize) they didn’t have computers in school. Foreign country play a part too, most countries are not as up to date as Americans. So technology grows slowly. And then there’s me, I love technology and I’m always on the next big thing that I have to learn want to learn because I was to adapt and not go into the dark side of the world where I’m in the “IDK” or the world that don’t know how to post a twitter or Snapchat a friend or look at where’s my friends location are on Snapchat.  So I adapt and will continue to learn.


I believe that blogging is  a way for people to speak and make these voice heard in a way for people to have it on paper. Blogging has a impact that makes us learn more about each other point of view. Everybody has a story to tell and also have it in there own way. Blogging can tell a camp fire story or even tell a whole book.

Publishing comes with power and power is good in the right hands. Even though we can read someone blogs and may not agree with it. There’s a certain power that comes with publishing because if someone say that what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong and people be fooled to think that’s that’s right, it could be bad for society.  

Believing false rumor is a prime example. But also when believing a rumor sometimes the people who has been lied on need to come out and tell the public that it’s not true, or not correct. I believe blogging practices will be continued for a long time. 

Blog #4

Television is the most used technology and has brought joy, sorrow and entertainment to the attentions to the world, with LIVE broadcast or watching an amazing catch front your favorite wide receiver on a football team. As in class we learned that the first experiment service was in 1932, with the British and not long after in 1936 United States network NBC started a experiment service. It took three years for a regular schedule service for NBC. Then to fast forward to a later time in the television history came cable and we felt in love with how many channel came with it. But The traditional pay TV subscribers are declining and I believe that it will decline but I don’t think paid television will go anywhere just like radio.streaming services are making a killing with people having the options to pause and pick it back up whenever they want.

Streaming Services are made for people to pick and choose what they want to watch instead of watching TV or buying cable. I personally don’t have cable and have Netflix,Hulu, and HBO to watch TV. I believe cable is over paid and i pay for channel I don’t even want or watch at all. But for mostly people in the world they don’t mind a little commmerical or channel they don’t bother to watch.

 My theory for the future of television is Now that we have smart TVs it made it possible for people to feel more in control in what they watch and can watch as many shows as they want with the services that a smart TVs has to offer. My predictionsis that TV will be healthy and alive and will go with the times forever and paid TV may go on a decline but soon they will find a way to catch society attention. And make it more affordable for people to watch their programs.

Blog #3

Communication Technology has played a big role in my life since 5th grade. Once I hit 5th that when I started to be ode envoled with computers and online assignments than anything in school. I started learning math problems and reading assignments that was posted weekly. Once I became a high schooler I had my own laptop that I needed for every class in high school. I am a strong believer that technology has improved the quality of my education. But I also believe that takes away from the inner person connection you have with a teacher. A teacher can understand you and work with you and you can actually see that they care for your future. A computer not going to do that. They just going to be programmed how ever they want it to be. Yes they might help you and you probably will get a good understanding but it’s nothing like actually getting taught by a human being. I don’t think it distract me from hats more important but I can say there are a lot of things online that’s not important or things I don’t need to know. E-books are the way to go it’s cheaper and it’s not a heavy weight u have to carry in your book bag.  only if I have wifi at home or in my apartment because Wothout wifi you are pretty much out of luck, better go to the library. I can see E-book replacing the old fashioned text books we are used to carrying around with us now that cost a fortune. 


Hey! My name is Jonathan Dennison and I am a Chicago native. I’m a marketing major which my job really depends on communication technology. My attitude and feelings towards communication technology is me always looking up new ways to use these new technologies because they keep changing pretty much every day. When I was young I played with the latest electronic video games and anything I can get my hands on. Now as a young adult I found in my personal life I depend on electronics every second of the hour in everything I do. My iPhone is my baby and I hold her every second of the hour unless in my communication technology class. But even in class I’m using some form of technology like my iPad to take notes on. My thoughts on traditional communication is a mix feelings because I do feel as though we have new technology to communicate with, there are some things we do need to talk in person. Because who knows who’s watching when you’re texting someone, or who’s listening to your conversations over the phone. I realize also we lost our privacy with new technology but I’m fine with that. Because there’s really nothing to hide but I do like my privacy at times depending what it is. But overall I love the thought of something new for us to communicate with technology. And I will be seeking them everyday.